Digital business solutions


Digitale solutions delivered, maintained and supported with engagement and competence!

We deliver all relevant services required to turn software into solutions. When solutions delivered, we extend our services to also include system – support & monitoring and governance to secure your IT investment.


Every layer of an enterprise—being business processes, applications and platforms or infrastructure—is being subject to radical changes. These changes are impacting the experiences of customers (CX) and users (UX) alike. Successful CX and UX require a robust digital backbone that enables you to make direct connections to customers and users. We offer we offer services to drive digitalization in general, but also related to specific digital platforms required to deliver a through digital experience. This is performed by our senior architects and are normally combined with supported services related to integration with the rest of the customers system landscape. Architecture and platform = Digital Solutions Delivered.


Our core ERP competence is around Unit4 Business World and Xledger. We deliver holistic and integrated solutions with ERP as the core business system. We implement, customize, integrate and support these ERP systems in combination with other best-of-breed solutions. How can we help you with your current system, or are you in the market to evaluate a new ERP?


This framework defines the people, processes and platforms that need to be integrated and aligned to take a more strategic approach to business intelligence (BI), analytics and performance management (PM) initiatives. @ Arribatec, we aim to deliver this totality as an integral part of a total system landscape and IT strategy. Through good understanding of our customers processes, systems as well as creation of master data, we secure the quality of the data created in the transaction systems, the fundament for accurate and correct data to serve its purpose in reporting, analytics and performance management.


We offer traditional application support, but combined with our Application Management we extend this service to a proactive service by automate the creation and identification of the source for the support if caused by technical infrastructure or processes. Our support system is an integral part of our system landscape and vital for our service offering, but we also understand that sometimes speed and flexibility is required, so a phone call can be more efficient. We offer full flexibility for phone, e-mail and support case based support for all the solutions we implement. An in which language, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, Spanish? It’s all up to you!


Traditionally project management (PM) has been a significant role in delivering IT projects. @ Arribatec, we try to look beyond the past and see how we can differentiate in delivering a better customer experience and cost-efficient projects. Software and Solutions is one thing, but it needs to be match with the same level of quality and holistic approach when it comes to services. Understanding the customers organization, processes and systems are vital to deliver a best-in-class solution. Our Engagement Managers hence takes a much wider responsibility by building up an understanding of our customers entire systems and processes. We believe that extensive system and process competence combined with a deep understanding of our customers business, organization, processes and systems, we can drive projects in a better way and delivering holistic cost-efficient solutions.


Our highly skilled system architects and developers can offer you a total service from analysing if requirements of any kind will require a customization or can be solved with a smart workaround. If standard implementation or process adjustments are not able to solve your required way of working, we can deliver customization of most of our offered solutions. Customizing standard applications can create a highly complex and costly future solution if not delivered in the right way. We have extensive experience in all aspect hereof and focusing a lot on delivering sustainable solutions and can even guarantee future upgrade through maintenance contracts also on customisation.


With the best competence on in the market on the systems we deliver, we have also developed extensive experience and comprehensive methods for how to integrate different business applications to function as an integrated solution. Our consultants can take full responsibility from analysis, recommendation of technical solution to integration delivered! With our Application Management and Support Services, we can also take care of monitoring the integrations and secure its performance and related support. With the aim to build long-term strategic relationship with our customers, we go longer and deeper in delivering a total customer experience also including system integration.


Future governance of your system landscape is vital for securing the quality of the systems and processes over time. All changes after solutions are live requires a very strong understanding of the related systems, integrations and processes. Not all customers are able to maintain deep understanding of all these details and consequences if changes are deployed. Establishing a Governance Board responsible for deciding and prioritizing system changes over time is an investment to secure data quality and system accuracy over time. Through our Governance Board service we bridge the gap between internal competence and system & process competence on the other side for you to take the right decision for system changes in production.


With basis in our deep domain competence, market overview and independence, we also engage with our customers in the process of selecting of new solutions or improve the current systems to deliver the same result. Arribatec offers a combination of technology and business advice throughout our service delivery. But more specifically we combine our domain competence within business applications, related technology and process to advice our customers in selecting, implementing and integrating business software to support their IT & Digitalization strategy. Our broad spectrum of experts on all level allows us to engage on a pure advisory model, but even directly or by collaborating with software vendors or other consultants to deliver a holistic project. Through our independence and engagement model, we emphasize how we systematically can drive the process from “need identified” to solutions selected and delivered – alone or in collaboration with other with better system and or integration competence regarding the selected solution.



Arribatec is a global provider of digital business solutions supporting our customers in gaining competitive advantage through innovative use of IT

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